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Internet marketing and search engine optimization specialists advertise small business web sites affordably!

  Higher search engine ranks like those for Supak.com: fun and free stuff like computer wallpaper and organic gardening advice since 1996.
Internet Marketing is a many-tentacled beast. To fight your way to the top of the search engine rankings, you must learn the often preposterous properties of all the tentacles, grasshopper.
First, keep an open mind. Second, be prepared to throw up your hands and just hire someone to get your site higher search engine ranks. If you've had it with trying to absorb the subtleties of organic, white hat search engine optimization and you just want a free estimate for a marketing campaign for your web site, the quick answer is, it depends.

Good, fast, cheap: pick two.

Check out the higher search engine ranks for Organic Kona Coffee! Kona Comfort is a Sustainable Hawaiian Coffee Farm.Higher search engine ranks for small sites cost hundreds of dollars. Bigger sites cost thousands (more content means more searches you can win and more work for me). If you're a plumber, I can make you a brochure site for a few hundred dollars and promote it with regional search engineering and marketing for as little as $25 per month. That includes hosting and the domain name. Why? Because, for the most part, the competition for a plumber in your area is minimal.
You can read on and learn more about how we do search engine optimization for small businesses, or contact me now, and we'll talk. Or, you can check us out on Facebook.
In other cases, like if you're an organic Kona coffee farmer or a drug abuse therapy video production company, you'll need some database work and other fun things, the price goes up accordingly. Point is, I'm flexible, and some SEO and marketing work for your site is better than none. So, good and cheap is better than nothing, and is the most popular option. It might not be fast, but you will, eventually, get higher search engine ranks.

How can you get higher placement on search engine results pages? Read the Internet Marketing blog.

Bald Mountain Press keeps up with the newest developments in search engine optimization and internet marketing because we know, and our clients know, that ranking higher on search engines can help small businesses advertise in the most cost efficient way. Many of our clients, like our upstate New York caterer friends, have reported doubling or tripling their business once their web sites got better search engine placement. Our Maui bed and breakfast clients receive a majority of their business from their web sites. And high rankings make all the difference for this small video production business that makes drug addiction videos.

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Supak.com: helpful guides, free stuff, sustainable shopping, internet marketing, free desktop wallpaper pictures!
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Many of the SEO (search engine optimization) offers you may have been inundated with from some large search engine marketing firm will guarantee you top positions on internet search engines, but many of them are peddling pay-per-click maintenance services, or the top ranking depends on the customer having their plug-in, and you paying a large yearly fee to appear in the frame created by the plug-in. Since the chances one of your clients are using the plug-in are low, it's a waste of your time and money.
Usually I get paid a small monthly retainer, the size of which is determined by how much work it takes to get higher search engine rankings for your keywords. I help my search engine marketing clients weed through bogus offers like the plug-in scam, focusing their money where it will get the most bang for the buck: higher rankings in the organic search results on Google.

Hollywood Downside Up: Photography essay of Hollywood California
Hollywood Downside Up: Photographs of Hollywood CA

Some of my clients aren't the best writers... They're business owners. They're busy. But they still want a blog to let people know the latest about what's going on with their business. In those cases, they pay a little extra to be able to email me what they want posted, and I edit and post.
Organic search results are the best because they are free, and they usually are in the "hot spot" where searchers click because that's where they expect to find the best results. Other search engines are good, too, but won't generate anywhere near the traffic Google will. We focus on Google, and higher ranks on other search engines are gravy.
A small search engine ranking company like ours can sympathize with the pains and problems that running a small business can give you. When I look for help, I try to go with other small businesses, because I know they can sympathize with me. When your small business needs search engine positioning help with search engine position consulting, we hope you'll try our search engine positioning services.
Small and regional companies are learning that many people in their area not only have internet access, but use the internet like a phone book to find local goods and services. Whether someone wants to find something as local as a southern California caterer or to find something as global as a National Book Award finalist novel about 1960's radicals on the lamb, we can search engineer for your needs. Just about anyone who wants to sell more or just get their word out can benefit from higher search engine ranks.

Put Your Site in Touch with the Web

If the web can't find your site then your site's not helping you. I've been developing my search engine optimization skills since internet search engines were invented. I started this search engine marketing company in 1996 with an organic gardening and free desktop wallpaper site, Supak.com. These days, it's more than just the web site design that gets higher search engine ranks for a given keyword or phrase. It's about links--high-quality links--from pages with related or similar subject matter. And when it comes to search engine placement links, I've got the link real estate that can help you rank higher on the search engines.


Internet marketing is also about content. Does your site have what it says it has? How deep does it go? How well is it presented to the eye? How well is it presented to the indexing spiders? If you really want to improve search engine rankings, you'll have to create content. Lately, I've been encouraging some of my clients to create a blog where they talk about their products and services. Under this program, I help clients set up their blogs, and I edit their blog entries to make sure the links are pointing to the right places using the right keyword phrases. If you'd like to learn more about how to use a blog to help your business, visit the Supak Blogs for Business Blogs blog.
Blogs are more than just a way to achieve high search engine ranking optimization. They are an excellent way to connect with customers in a way that a web site can't. They offer a chance for business owners and operators to seem like real people to their customers. It's a great way to keep customers up-to-date about what's new, improved, or just going on. For a good example of how a blog can become extremely popular, check out what we've done for backgrounds for computers.
Our search engine placement services are designed for each client's needs and budgets. We realize that everyone's budget and needs are different. Sometimes web sites need major redesigns and a lot of work on basic lay out and design. Sometimes sites only need a little keyword placement help. 
Once our initial search engine optimization services are completed we begin the monthly retainer program, usually $100 a month, to pay for our continued link building, search engines consultation, and general maintenance for small sites. Some of the larger sites we help with improved search engine rankings retain their normal web master for day-to-day operations, keeping us for search engines consulting and continued link building.
As you can see from the web site design and search engine placement clients of Bald Mountain Press (below), we help people whose web sites deserve to win for their particular keywords, but who don't have time to learn the secrets of search engine optimization, internet marketing, or search engine placement. In short, we get our clients more business by getting them higher search engine ranks.

Make Money from Your Site!

Go Green & Get Green Affiliate ProgramWe can tell you about joining affiliate programs to help you earn money from your site. Our best affiliate programs are google ad words and selling posters. Google ad words may not be good for some people, because of the chance that the ads that appear will be for your competition. But you can weed those out, and the added revenue often outweighs the downside. After all, if you're getting higher search engine ranks, you're going to get more traffic, and more traffic means people leaving your site without buying your product or service. Using ads is a way to at least make a few pennies of the exit...
Using search engine optimization skills to make internet marketing work, we can drive shoppers to your site based on the subject matter you offer, and sell posters, books, movies, music, or many other related products and services, as long as they fit the subject matter of your site, without promoting the competition.
Our main site, supak.com, has been around since 1996. Before that we had a small organic gardening site in 1994. We rank high at almost every search engine for different words, including: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many more.

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